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Between my husband and me we have had dogs for over 30 yrs, but we had one dog that changed our lives forever.  Arlo was a Tibetan Terrier /Portuguese Water Dog Mix.  I rescued him from a non-profit shelter when he was approximately 6 months old.  He had a great personality....a mixture of being very gentle and loving, and also being extremely playful. At around 10 yrs of age he developed a tumor in his head which prevented him from being his usual playful self.  We saw numerous veterinarians...some considered the best in the region. I also contacted Arlo's old vet. in Wisconsin who gave me a referral.  All of them said that there was nothing we could do for him, just feed him whatever he wants and give him pain pills till his quality of life was to the point where we would have to make a choice.  They all said he only had a couple of months, maybe, to live.  Our last hope was a holistic vet that advised us to change his diet immediately and add some supplements.  I had already done some research on this, so we agreed to make the radical change in his diet.  Within a few days Arlo was his old self again, playful and full of energy.  You would not have known by looking at him that there was anything wrong.  He lived another very healthy six months.  He went for a walk two days before he died and was barking and trying to chase other dogs!  Since his death, we decided that we would bring purpose and something good from this experience.  So we did more research and started Arlo's Hope.  We offer similar natural and organic products that helped Arlo.  We also have a Blog to share helpful information for you and your pets and welcome your comments as well. So in honor of Arlo, we hope you will find the best pet products for your pets so they can live their best lives!

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